I haven’t experienced life coaching before. Simon came highly recommended by a friend whose judgement I trust. I was right to trust. It has been a revelation. Simon is a seriously skilled listener with a rare ability to truly understand both what you are trying to express but also the potential meanings and thought patterns behind the words. His perspectives are refreshing and engaging and ultimately made me more self aware. Simon will champion you with sensitivity, insight and encouragement. He’ll also challenge you if you are up for it. An incredibly valuable experience. Thank you Simon.
— J, journalist
Simon was an extraordinary help during a time of transition. It was made clear that the solution to any problems or challenges would come from me but Simon’s professional ability to draw attention to repeat patterns of thought, enabled me to find new ways of approaching different areas of my life. I found the process of coaching empowering and also enjoyable, a chance to really examine my life’s purpose and where I am now. I couldn’t recommend Simon enough, his approach is both nourishing and challenging in the right places and I’m certain anyone who is a coachee will benefit enormously.
— G, Journalist
I felt incredibly at ease with Simon. He listened openly and without judgement whilst challenging me and my thinking at just the right moments.
— T, Arts Manager
Simon’s genius is in helping you see things about yourself that you knew at the core of your being, but didn’t know you knew, until now. He has a courageous heart, and a poetic soul. Prepare to awaken!
— Jacqui Sjenitzer, Life Coach, www.jacsjenitzer.com
From the first time Simon coached me, he made a powerful impact. Beyond the warmth, compassion, friendliness and humility is a coach so wise, intuitive, insightful and courageous that I am certain he will also help you make the changes you’re looking for in your life. He really is a very good coach, so I highly recommend working with Simon.
— Duncan Müller, Life Coach, www.duncanmullercoaching.co.uk
Simon is a special coach and a special person. Smart, personable, articulate, Simon brings wisdom and experience as well as a soft touch, providing gentle, but firm guidance on your journey. I really appreciate Simon’s powerfully insightful questions, his uncanny intuition and ability to call my attention to points that have lead me to have those elusive, Aha!, moments. I feel very fortunate to have Coach Simon on my team and recommend him without reservation to anyone who is working through personal or professional issues and looking for clarity as well as movement.
— Carly J. Barker, Co-Active Life Coach