Life coaching is a process that enables you to see, think and act more clearly in any area of your life that feels blocked, lacking in energy and direction, or just plain ‘wrong’. This might be a work or career decision, a personal or professional situation that is not working as you want it, a dilemma that you can see ahead of you, or something less specific that you sense is holding you back. 

Having trained and certified with a leader in the field, CTI (Coaches Training Institute) in their Co-Active model, I offer personal, one-to-one coaching that supports you in bringing more clarity to your life.  Working with me will help you make life choices that align with your deepest values, beliefs and passions.

As a Life Coach, I listen to you deeply with my complete attention. As I listen, I am not seeking to dish out advice and ‘solve’ your problems; I am here to hold a safe and welcoming space and ask powerful, relevant questions that help you to think, feel and see things more clearly for yourself. Coaching is an active process between client and coach, designed to get you from the place you are to the place you want to be.

If you’re curious to find out more about the coaching I offer and how it can help you, please contact me here to arrange a free, no-commitment conversation. When we talk, we can both get a sense of each other, you can experience my style of coaching, and we can decide if we would make a good fit for what you need.

If we agree to proceed, then I ask for an initial commitment to six sessions over three months. The first is an extended 90 minute ‘discovery’ session, where we set up our coaching ‘alliance’ to create a robust, clear framework for our work together. The subsequent five sessions each last an hour. I charge £60 for the hour, and £90 for the initial discovery session. If you pay for the first set of six sessions up front, then I offer a discounted price of £350. The commitment then continues, by mutual agreement, in blocks of four or six sessions at the same rates. Some clients find that six to twelve sessions is enough, others want more time and more support. Subject to availability, I also offer intensive blocks of coaching, once or twice weekly over 3/6 weeks, or occasional one-day intensives.

I offer daytime and some evening sessions. I usually coach via Skype or on the phone, and occasionally in person; I live in the Derbyshire Peak District, not far from Sheffield.