What coaching offers you:


My CTI training is founded on the belief that every coaching client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This is a poetic way of saying that you are not ‘broken’ if you decide to invest in some coaching, nor is it in any way a sign of weakness or failure; in fact the opposite.  If you are feeling stuck or confused, it is a courageous thing to look for help in finding your best way forward.

Over the years I have benefited from support in career and life decisions and dilemmas from a variety of sources; coaching, men’s groups, careers advisors, retreats, voice work and poetry, therapy. What they’ve had in common is a ‘space apart’, somewhere or someone with whom I can unpack the confusion and get fresh perspectives on the choices I have not always realised I have. 

That is what my coaching offers you;  a held space in which you can connect more deeply with your values and priorities, see the choices that are available to you, the beliefs that might be holding you back, and then take the necessary actions to align yourself with what matters to you most.  

This image comes to mind as a useful metaphor about coaching. It is one of those big junction boxes you sometimes see in the street. An engineer has to face this huge jumble of wires, and they need to know which wires need tweaking to solve the problem. In the same way, I see coaching as a way of working out where the pulse of our life is located amidst the jumble and complexity of modern life. You want to know which wires are the red-herrings, which ones are the vital connections, which ones might need to be replaced or shut down. Coaching is a way to sort out your own junction box.

One of the talented people I trained with, Jacqui Sjenitzer, who brings a dynamic intuitive brilliance to her own coaching, was kind enough to write this: “Simon’s genius is in helping you see things about yourself that you knew at the core of your being, but didn’t know you knew, until now. He has a courageous heart, and a poetic soul. Prepare to awaken!”

A bit about me:

I have spent almost 30 years working in the arts, heritage, tourism and communication, while also being very interested in what’s loosely called ‘personal development’.

From my school days onwards, I have been fascinated by the value and power of structured one to one exchanges between people. This came to professional fruition in 2013 when I began training with CTI, the Coaches Training Institute, which offer the most rigorous, internationally recognised life coach training available today. I completed CTI’s Certification process in early 2017, and now have an internationally-recognised accreditation.

Married with two daughters, I live in Grindleford, a village in Derbyshire's Peak District, not far from Sheffield. 

Other things I do:

Alongside coaching, I am also a cultural lecturer and I carry out communications work in the fields of the arts, heritage and tourism. I enjoy this mix of work; they all share something in common, best expressed by some words of the 19th century artist, writer and social critic John Ruskin: ‘The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something, and tell what it saw in a plain way.’ These simple words carry a profound meaning for me; whether in coaching (as client and as coach) or lecturing or endeavouring to communicate about an idea, a place or an artist, if we can say what we see (or feel or need or believe or want) in a plain way, we will be better able to communicate with ourselves and with others.

I am also a Trustee of three arts charities; Five Senses Music, Opera on Location and Dovedale Arts Festival.

For more information on these aspects of my work, please follow the link here.


Thank you: To the brilliant Fred Deakin for his design work and getting me going. To my cousin, the artist Julie Brook for kindly giving me permission to use images of her beautiful Firestacks on this website. To the very patient Joe Jones for designing and building this site.

I’d also like to thank Sophie Hunter, Andy Gimblett, Jacqui Sjenitzer, John Hillman, Keemar Keemar, Miriam Rose, Nick Kettles, Richard Topham, Ruth Nutter, Nick Nuttgens, Lucy Noel-Buxton, Amanda Livermore, Duncan Müller, Nat Hunter, Will Brook, Dave Hope, Gavin Hayden and Teo Greenstreet, who've all helped in one way or another to get me to this point. Thanks too, to my clients, without whom I would not have the honour and pleasure of doing this work.